Print - Final Sign off form

Sign off Includes, but is not limited to.

Design, Imagery and layout

Sign off confirms the client approves the aesthetic, layout and functionality of the item produced. Permissions for the use of images, logos and written works used within the document are assumed to have been secured by yourself, the client. It is your responsibility to ensure these permissions have be obtained by the relevant person/company. (Exception: Stock images which SED have supplied will have been licensed.)



Copy and Written Content

This includes checking that copy supplied by you, (the client), has been interpreted and used correctly to accurately and truthfully reflect the purpose/intention of the your business/organisation. Any copy generated and provided by external contractors for SED has also been interpreted from the information provided correctly to accurately and truthfully reflect the purpose/intention of your business/organisation.

Copy is free from spelling and grammatical errors. Any errors spotted after sign off may incur additional design costs as well as reprinting costs.

Calendars only.

You have checked the dates have been entered correctly. Both those supplied and those making up the calendar days/dates. You have ensured these are accurate for the year of print.( i.e leap year, length of months and day/date to which each month starts.)



Proofing of the final files and printing of artwork is the responsibility of the client. Final sign off confirms that you have read, checked and approved all content within the supplied files. The designer does not accept any responsibility for errors or omissions found after sign of has been given. 


It is assumed that any recommendations left via social media by the client, gives permission to SBG/SED *to use these for their own marketing purposes. 


Please Complete to 'Sign Off' Project

Please complete the form below to Sign off your project. By sending this form it confirms you have read and agree to the above.

Now the official bit is done….

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