Previous Projects

Apples and Pears Clothing

This company wanted to refresh their logo. They already had a company name and a strong identity. By working with the client, they were able to feel in control of their brand, but I was able to show them ideas to inspire. These ideas now compliment their colourful fun branding style. Which I translated on to these pop up trade banners (opposite). Taking into account that the client may at times use all three, but on other occasions may only need one. The design also took in to account that clothing rails maybe arranged in front for them at times, yet the logo can still be seen above.

Apples & Pears Clothing redesigned logo.
Pop up trade banner designed for Apples & Pears Clothing
Pop up trade banners designed for Apples & Pears Clothing

Masters of Marble

Luxury… that’s the main focus of this website. It’s all about the luxurious effect these specialist plaster finishes have. This could be a tricky thing to convey. However working with Ross and Mike allowed me to discuss with them the importance of imagery and they have done a fabulous job of taking photos for to showcase their work. I was then able to crop and resize them for the website. The layout and navigation of the site has  simple styling to allow the imagery to shine, after all that’s point of the website. No flashy bits of web designer showing off. Just what the clients needed to showcase their work. 

Logo and headed stationery designed by Sarah Edwards Design for the Multi-Sensory Training Centre
Logo and headed stationery designed by Sarah Edwards Design for the Multi-Sensory Training Centre

Multi-Sensory Training Centre

The great thing for me as a designer is getting to know the businesses I work for. Providing the logo, stationery and website for the MSTC was a pleasure. Their work helping kids with learning difficulties is fantastic.

The feeling of isolation, not only for the child but also families, inspired the logo. Bright, cheerful, hope filled colours add to this  visual language.

Lining Systems

Lining Systems needed a new website, and I was delighted to help. We worked together to determine the main parts of the business and what they would like to showcase. This was again a site that needed to show off its imagery, but also had a great deal to say. (I’ve learnt so much about fibreglass!)

It was also important to the client to be able to manage the site themselves after its initial build. So we scheduled in a short training overview, just enough so they could make any content changes needed, and without having to keep paying a developer. We balanced their needs with their time and skill so that it was never overwhelming. Plus they know I’m always here as and when they need me.

Screen grabs taken from the Lining Systems website, designed by Sarah Edwards Design.
Simply Shine Nails logo and marketing material, designed by Sarah Edwards Design

Simply Shine Nails

Starting a business from scratch is tricky. There is so much to think about and so much information. This company really just needed a visual identity and stationery to get going. They didn’t need a website as most of their work is via word of mouth and not all companies need to invest in large website projects. That’s why I feel the service I provide along with Small Business Geek works really well. Not just for us, but for our clients. We don’t want to sell you things you don’t need. Let’s start with making what you have work first. 

Simply Shine Nails logo and marketing material, designed by Sarah Edwards Design

Contemporary Vision Opticians

Listening to the client is so important. This client wanted their logo to be an eye. Makes sense, it’s an opticians. Therefore, I needed to explore styles of illustration to convey this, without making it look cliche. Using the word ‘contemporary’ as a guide, the style developed. The typography was particularly important as this needed to have a contemporary feel. Double spacing the word ‘opticians’ has added a high end feel to the design.

Logo for Contemporary Vision | Created by Sarah Edwards Design
Business cards and logo for Small Business Geek | Created by Sarah Edwards Design

Small Business Geek

Logo and business card for SBG. The little characterful icon, with clean clear typography integrates a bit of personality, with professionalism. That’s SBG. 

Nuff said…

I’m very proud to be a part of this team. Our philosophy to help small businesses has united our paths. Between us we have so many skills as a team. Whatever you need, get in touch and we will direct you to the right member fo the team to help you, whatever stage you are at.