Product and Lifestyle Photography

Imagery is a major part of any businesses marketing. Probably no more so than on a website where images can ultimately decide whether visitors continue through to the, ‘Buy Now’ button or not. Many small businesses struggle with product photography as it is a relatively expensive outlay, until the products start selling, so it can be a bit of a chicken and egg situation. My approach to photography work is flexible. I offer the service at an hourly or daily rate, and at a pace that works for you. Identifying the key areas of benefit to your business.

Often when designing a website, I have an idea in mind as to the style of photography that would suit the business. I will work with you to create your photographic branding style, or help add to it. I am a designer as well as a photographer, this allows me to get the images I need to portray the project as I intended it to be viewed.  Images are supplied in original size and resized for immediate Instagram use.

Patrick and Menzies needed frames from their three branches photographed at the start of lockdown in 2020. Whilst they were not open to walk-in patients, they were offering an essential service. Patients still needed to be able to choose frames, but spend minimal time in the branch. Allowing patients to shortlist a few frames before their appointment reduced the amount of trying on. 

Working with P&M as their website designer, we decided to add an online, filterable viewing gallery that could later be adapted to an online store as a future venture. This allowed them to turn a potentially difficult situation into a proactive business stepping stone to a long-term goal. My skills in photoshop editing and in photography allowed me to design and create the gallery for this specific purpose.

Over the first few months of lockdown, I think I photographed over 500 frames, 5 angles each! that’s a lot of photos!