More Than a Logo

Branding is more than just a logo. A professionally styled logo is a great start to gaining a branding style for your business. However a successful brand will have every element of their appearance and communications styled to their brand ethos. 

Website Design

Opticians are traditionally thought of as for older peopleAt Patrick and Menzies a vibrant brand has been created to attract the younger demographic of patients, whilst maintaining the appeal for those in the senior years. As times have changed this optician has realised that the now 60 plus demographic are more technically savvy than say 10 years ago and therefore presenting them with a convinent, easy to use and aesthetically pleasing site allows them to communicate to a wider audience. This has proved particularly useful over the past year, when they introduced new pages allowing patients to view their current spectacle range safely online, allowing them  to reserve these to try in-store.

A pair of blue Anton Phillps glasses photographed by Sarah Edwards as an example of good product photography.

Social Media

Utilising social media to communicate has again widened their reach and by using colour typography and a distinct style, this allows the brand to be recognised instantly though all media channels.

Three examples of social media posts using design by Sarah Edwards Design.
Poster designed by Sarah Edwards Design for Patrick & Menzies explaining Covid safety measures.

Signage, Posters and POS

In-store graphics, such as posters and POS contribute to the visual identity of the brand. Reusing not just colour, but shape and style,  start to form part of the brand. Over time brands develop, which is a good thing. Times change and if you have a brand that can easily adapt to the world around you that makes things a lot easier than having to rebrand every few years… not to mention cheaper!

Poster designed for Patrick & Menzies opticians by Sarah Edwards Design.
Poster designed for Patrick & Menzies opticians by Sarah Edwards Design.

Press Ads and Promotion

Below is a press advertisement in a local publication. Using colour, shapes and an image from the website, it leaves the reader with no doubt as to the company. This instant recognition could be the difference between flicking the page and not…

The postcard opposite invites patients to take advantage of an offer. This is a great way to make additional sales to an existing client base, This can be produced in paper form as this was, or via email marketing.  At certain times of the year most companies have a lull or downtime, boost your profits with and extra sales incentive, it could work wonders!

Strongly branded poster detailing Covid safety measures, designed by Sarah Edwards Design for Patrick & Menzies opticians.

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