Not Just a Website Designer

Three smart phones featuring different designs for Patrick & Menzies Opticians, designed by Sarah Edwards Design.
Instagram stories icons created by Sarah Edwards Design

Why work with me? …
well really it’s why work with us?

Whilst Sarah Edwards Design is essentially me, here’s why my freelance design business is a bit different to the norm. I don’t work on my own…

I’ve made some amazing contacts along the way in my career within the creative industries and now I work with the most amazing network of freelance specialists. 

We have developed our own way of working which works well for each of us as freelancers, but also allows us to work in a unified way to deliver to the client. By working together as unit we can manage our projects in a way that lets that project keep moving, as well as bringing a huge wealth of knowledge and experience that enhances the project.

Our focus as a team, is to help people, especially after the year we’ve all just had. Helping new businesses get off the ground or small existing businesses develop and grow. My motivation is seeing the clients I work with do well and thrive. I’ve heard so many stories of companies, especially small businesses receiving bad service from people claiming to be ‘web designers and developers’, I want to show that good people with fantastic skills are available to help you and your business, without huge agency price tags!

So what experience do I have?

The year is 2005 Facebook has only been going a year or so, and Instagram what’s that?! I decided to leave a comfortable office job, (where I’d honed my organisational skills), to go to university. I wanted to be a designer.  

What happened next…In 2008 I left Suffolk University with a 1st Class Degree in graphic design and was awarded the winner of the Suffolk University and TCM Award. My prize was an internship at Turner Classic Movies (Turner Broadcasting London). 2009, saw me switch from intern to a freelancer at Turner Classic Movies, and in 2010 I adapted my print design skills for use on the web at WDL (Website Design Limited).  In 2011 I was at the British Museum designing exhibitions. In 2013 I created Sarah Edwards Design and established it as a freelancing business, (alongside parenthood, two very different disciplines, both highly educational!)

2020 What can I say? I’ve used this time to develop the scope and practice of Sarah Edwards Design. Product photography is now a strong part of my portfolio. Remember if your selling online, fantastic images sell! Take a look at my photography page.

2021 – So having been working as a designer since the, ‘OMG you didn’t even have Facebook days’, the experience and skills I have accumulated, the contacts and friends I have gained, and the clients and businesses I have worked with, have given me an extremely solid base to work from. I can now support you in your endeavours.

Since becoming a freelancer I’ve worked with a wide range of small businesses including Patrick and Menzies OpticiansMulti-Sensory Training Centre, Lining Systems, Masters of Marble, Contemporary Vision, Apples & Pears Clothing, Little Gems Interiors, Inside Out Community, and more.

With my ongoing experience of creating my own small business from scratch, I understand the challenges you face and what you need from a designer. Whether you need a newly designed website, an eye-catching press advert or to establish a brand for your business, I’d love to help.